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Activities & Services

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1- The International Business Agility Model implementation.

  • Identifying agility gaps.
  • Figuring out agility improvement roadmap.
  • Strategic agility framework design and implementation.
  • Operational agility framework design and implementation.
  • Implementation maturity assessment.

2- Six Agility Perspectives Implementation.

  • Enabling leadership to grasp probable future advisory services.
  • Embracing and implementing agile leadership style and characteristics services.
  • Changing quickly and flexibly strategies advisory services.
  • Correlating agile finance with governmental and business model’s consultancy services.
  • Agile finance enablers, attributes, pillars and ratios implementation services.
  • Design of agile accounting methods or procedures, cost accounting programs, budgetary control procedures.
  • Feasibility with agility studies consultancies.
  • Implementing the characteristics of agile supply chains.
  • Implementing the right stance between agile supply chain and lean supply chain.
  • Design and implementation of full-fledged agile supply chain.
  • Distinguishing between traditional processes versus agile processes consultancy services.
  • Agile processes development, design, and implementation services.
  • Implementing agile processes best practices.
  • Shifting into agile process-centric organization.
  • Advice and help to governments and businesses in fast planning, organization, efficiency and control, management information.
  • Grasping emerging tech trends advisory services.
  • Distinguishing between Legacy Systems versus agile systems consultancy services.
  • Positioning disrupting technology within governmental and business models.
  • Designing and building Agile technology foundation and infrastructure.
  • Data Analytics and maturity levels to enhance decision-making consultancy services.
  • Designing and implementing of BPM, BPMS and RPA.
  • Digital transformation (DT) consultancy services that support disrupting governmental and business models’ transformation.
  • Digital content management.
  • Agile Service key concepts advisory services.
  • Positioning agile services within the governmental and business models’ puzzle.
  • Designing service agility big picture.
  • Applying agile manifesto outside technology domain.
  • Grasping of voice of the Customer (VOC) and embracing it within governmental and business models’ as a key enabler of agile service.
  • Proactive readiness for customers emerged future needs consultancy services.
  • Agile Hospitality management consultancy.

3- Agility Level Assessment

Measuring the current agility level and providing gaps and areas of improvement to enable clients to continuously maintain and improve their business agility level.

Assessing organizations’ agility implementation maturity; to ensure their successful readiness for BSI or LRQA external assessment.

4- Agility Training & Capacity Building

  • Building human resources capability in measuring and improving agility level.
  • Agile strategy skills and capabilities building.
  • Agile project management skills and capabilities building.
  • Agile human resources capacity building.
  • Agile assets training.
  • Dynamic capabilities training.
  • Agile culture training.

5- Innovation and artificial intelligence research and consultancies

Metaverse applications and possible future adaptation services.

Computer programming activities.

Digital content services.

Concept & design consultancy.

6- Computer programming, consultancy and related activities.

Computer programming activities.

Designing the structure and content of, and/or writing the computer code necessary to create and implement.

Customizing of software, i.e. modifying and configuring an existing application so that it is functional within the clients’ information system environment.

Planning and designing of computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software and communication technologies.

Provision of on-site management and operation of clients’ computer systems and/or data processing facilities, as well as related support services.

Digital content services.

Concept & design consultancy.

Computer disaster recovery.